For your eyes only


2 thoughts on “For your eyes only

  1. Lisa

    Hi Tom,

    I saw your post on FB Photography Week post and thought I would take a look. I hate critism so you are brave asking.

    Here goes, I think you have some good ideas and are starting to think like a photographer. My biggest piece of advice for you would be to work on your composition. Are you aware of the ‘rule if thirds’? I think if you applied this rule to your images you will see instant results. Using this rule makea images more pleasing to the eye, not sure why but it works and when I learnt this rule, my images improved instantly.

    Good luck and keep up the good work

    1. tglanvillephotography Post author

      Thank you! I really want more people to comment on my posts not necessarily to say that they like them but how I can improve them. I love taking photos so anything I can do to make them more appealing to others is great.

      Thanks again, Tom


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